Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hardy reels (Perfects) face plate markings

Another way to help date your old Hardy Perfect reel is to carefully 'read' the face markings. Below, I'll show examples of reels from differing eras and the face markings you'd expect to see.
Combined with the check details (published HERE) you are now well on the way to accurately dating your reel.
Most of the information here is available on the Hardy Reels, A Collectors Guide DVD and I'd like to thank Ted and Dave Evans for this quality product.

1890/91 to 1896
Centre hole with Patent numbers on the raised boss encircling the hole ~
[I'd like to thank a certain collector and Angling Auctions for these images as I don't have ready access to many first model all brass Perfects]

1896 - 1905
Hardy's straight line, rod in hand and oval logos ~

All three logos may not always be present. 

Aluminium faces started coming into use during this period. 
The straight line and oval logos were used on many alloy faces ~

The rod in hand logo is rarer to find on these reels, but does occasionally appear ~

1896 - 1907
Saw the introduction of the small concentric circles around the flush centre boss (alloy reels) ~

Slight variations

 1907 - 1917
In 1907 Hardy Brothers became a Limited Company and the size and wording on the central concentric circles became larger diameter ~

1917 - 1920
Saw the centre boss slightly raised above the surface of the face plate; this could be brass or alloy ~

1921 - late 1940s
Saw the introduction of the curved 1/16" letters giving maker, patent numbers size etc around the circumference of the face plate ~

1950 - 1966
The curved lettering changed to straight line ~


I'll edit these details as better photos become available.
There will be reels which don't comply with all of the above, they all add to the fun of collecting.

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  1. Very nicely done. I have a question with regards to 1906 brass face perfect, there is a 5 digit number stamped inside, what is this number?