Thursday, 3 February 2011

Let’s Tackle Cancer, January Auction – Post script

Just a few words to summarise the January Auction.

First, the response, both in terms of level and quality of donations, and the buyer’s generosity, reflects very favourably the true spirit of fly-fishing.

Second, a huge ‘thank you’ to the members of this forum - Sometimes we’re seen as pedantic, argumentative, fluffy, capricious, crude and moronic – and that’s just on a good day. But that’s just good old British irony at play.

Third, thanks go to - our hosts, and particularly to Sofi and Paul for their assistance.

Personally, (and Mrtrout agrees) I’m proud of the way everyone has responded to this appeal. We’ve raised well in excess of £1000 in our first month, all of which is going directly to Cancer Charities; and we have over twice as many Lots listed for our February Auction!

With everyone’s help we can drive this forward and actually make a significant contribution in the battle against cancer.

Our sincere thanks