Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hardy Neroda Fly Boxes

Another piece of fishing kit to collect. These Hardy Bakelite boxes are things of beauty. I've got a few although it's not an extensive collection.

During the winter blues I did a bit of research into their history - published HERE

If anyone can add information please feel free to contact me

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Hardy South African Surf Reel

A year ago I posted this (LINK) on Clarks forum. I'd never seen a Hardy South African Surf Reel except in catalogues so it was an opportunity to share.

The owner has now decided to sell this reel so if anyone is interested in acquiring an extremely rare piece of Hardy History please contact me and I will put you in touch. It is understood that there were 56 reels made in this, 6 inch, size.

**Edit: This reel was sold in May 2010 for approximately £1000 **

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Bowie was just singing “♪ Ziggy played guitaaaarrrr ♫” . . . . . there was a small bow wave amidst the ripples near where my fly was supposed to be. Silk whizzed through rod guides, Kings of Leon went into “♪  Sex on fire ♫”, little Mr Dingley played a loud tune. This boy wanted to play and not surrender. The joy of using barbless hooks is that you learn that if you ease up, he’ll back off and go, so cane was bent and line sang. Adrenalin hit receptors (his and mine).

Fish, energy, net, release . . . . and that self satisfied feeling when you watch him swim away, almost hoping that he’ll look back over his shoulder and say “Hey, was fun, must do it again sometime”
Fly fishing!

Friday, 9 April 2010



A day of firsts: -

First day fly fishing this year.
First tangle . .
First time I’ve used my tiny ‘new’ (to me) Dingley with its silk line – I’d forgotten how great that ‘whizzzz’ sounds as the silk floats through the rod guides.

First reminder this year of how sharp hooks can be . . . .
First ‘Fishing days’ photos.
First time out for my winter acquisition ‘ATH Traun’ – for the uninformed these reels do not catch fish, make you a better caster or even make you sexually attractive to cute lady dog walkers . . . .  If you’re stuck with any Ari Hart reels I have a locked room where I can keep them from spoiling other anglers’ days.

First reminder of how my eyes aren’t getting any better, or leaders are getting finer and fly eyes getting smaller (?)
First live use of Steven’s knitted string tapered leaders – excellent.
First time, of many to come, when I've said to myself "I must tidy the junk out of my fishing bag" . . .yet, when I look in that bag I get a warm smiley feeling . . 
First day wearing my floppy old hat this year.
First snagged tree; no grass though . .
First fishing day smiles . . . 
Not the first reminder of why we do it.

Best wishes to all in the same boat,  . . . . or bank,  . . . . or waders