Thursday, 17 December 2009

Reel Porn

Some reel pics to share:

Hardy Brass faced Perfect 3"- 1896 Check, approx 1900


Hardy Perfect 3" (3 1/8") - 1896 check, approx 1903


Dr Paul Hermann, Baby Trout


Bo Mohlin Mini Trout


Hardy Bougle Lightweight lll  (3)



Sunday, 13 December 2009

Hardy Silex

A friend has just sent me these photos of a rather beautiful Hardy Silex - here's what he says about it (edited)
"Hardy 4 ¼” Silex Major (1928-30) with auxillary brake in very fine condition. The reel comes in a block leather case (not Hardy), and with the original 10 page manual for the reel. Additionally, a spare spool in a scarce original (Hardy) leather case. I have a long written provenance for this reel – back to its birth, through the previous owners (a Scandinavian Earl) death in 1947, a copy of the 1948 auction catalog of his tackle – incl. this reel – where it was sold to the person who has had the reel until I acquired it some 2 years ago."

[If anyone can advise on possible value we'd be very grateful]


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