Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hardy Reel Checks.

A question often asked, but not always understood, is what is the difference between the various Hardy reel checks?

Hopefully the photos below will begin to answer the question.
Please note that the displayed checks are the Hardy Perfect version, other models were sometimes slightly different.
All comments and corrections welcomed btw.

Early Check ~ around 1890 t0 1896

 1896 Check ~ 1896 - 1904

1904 (some say 1905) check ~ 1904 - 1911

1912 Check ~ 1911 - 1917

Duplicated Mk1 check ~ 1917 - 1922

Duplicated Mk11 ~ 1922 to 1927 (non-engagable spare)

Duplicated Mk11 ~ 1927 to  . . post WW2

 Compensating Check Mechanism

A variation as used on the LRH etc.

Another variation - as used on the Golden Prince among others

And for fun, a few silent options

There are numerous other variations. As time permits, and I get the chance to photograph examples, I will add them here. 

All comments welcomed, and photos of variants too.