Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Bowie was just singing “♪ Ziggy played guitaaaarrrr ♫” . . . . . there was a small bow wave amidst the ripples near where my fly was supposed to be. Silk whizzed through rod guides, Kings of Leon went into “♪  Sex on fire ♫”, little Mr Dingley played a loud tune. This boy wanted to play and not surrender. The joy of using barbless hooks is that you learn that if you ease up, he’ll back off and go, so cane was bent and line sang. Adrenalin hit receptors (his and mine).

Fish, energy, net, release . . . . and that self satisfied feeling when you watch him swim away, almost hoping that he’ll look back over his shoulder and say “Hey, was fun, must do it again sometime”
Fly fishing!

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