Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hardy Reel checks

The expert reel makers at Hardy Brothers of Alnwick created many check mechanisms over the years. These were then copied by several other reel makers and versions are still available in contemporary reels. For the uninitiated the check is the "Clicker", the noisy bit that creates resistance so that line does not free-spool off the reel.
As well as neat pieces of engineering the check is also a useful means of dating early reels. Below are photographs of a few with, where relevant, some indication of date first produced.

Early or 1896 check

 1906, (sometimes called 1905 -11) check

The beautiful 1912 (most likely 1st used 1911)
Mark 1 check or 1917

2 versions of the Duplicated Mark 2 check
Some say 1922, some disagree
(note: "Duplicated" is assumed to mean that parts were interchangeable, not that there was a spare set within the reel)

Post war (1950's) check which introduced the ability to change from Left to Right hand wind

The 2 parts of the transverse (edge on) Golden Prince check from the 1980's

 Hardy JLH from 1990's with what they called the "compensating click check"

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