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The Lindso Collection ~ by Roar Lindso.

The Lindsø Collection ~ by Roar Lindsø


It takes a certain kind of man, with deep pockets, to create the collection of fishing tackle recorded here.
Roar Lindsø is such a man. This book is a record of his personal collection of vintage tackle.
In a very short period of time he has searched out and bought some fine quality reels, including many early vom Hofes and some desirable Hardy Perfects including Brass faced and classic wide drum models.
The book displays most reels in some detail. Here I should state that the quality of both the paper and the photos is excellent and will allow the viewer who is also a collector to study the minor differences which can mean so much in both collecting and monetary terms.

This book is more than just a few photos of vintage fishing tackle. In many cases Roar has tried to track the history of  the reels he has acquired and to give a brief history of the maker. This will help the beginner and refresh the memory of some of us older collectors.

Apart from the above mentioned vom Hofes and Hardys there are chapters on Zwarg, Saracione and Loop with some more fine photos. There’s also a section on early rods which include an Edward vom Hofe seven strip and my favourite, a 9’ 3/2 Gillum Salmon.

Edit, 11th October 2013 - the next edition is now at the printers. It contains additional items including Noel and Saracione sections and some corrections to previous chapters.
The copy has been edited for "English" by a very able young lady so we now have a more readable book.

I wish Roar every success.

[[There are a couple of minor errors which I am sure will be fixed in future editions. In my copy the index states “Bo Mohlin fly reel” on page 138, but it’s actually an early wooden reel. In the Hardy section, echoing Graham Turner’s description, he refers to “early check” for what most of my acquaintances now call the “1896” and save the term “early check” for the variation which preceded the 1896.

The English in the first edition, which I was fortunate to read, left a little to be desired, but still better than my Scandiwegian. I have some good inside information that the second edition will be greatly improved in this respect.]]

Now for the commercial break folks, there will be a new, expanded edition of Mr Lindso's book coming soon. Keep checking back for details.

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