Monday, 23 May 2011

Hardy Reels - The Evans' Tapes

Hardy Reels – The Evans' Tapes

In 2001 the respected Hardy reel collector, and acknowledged expert, Mr Ted Evans and his son, David, produced a series of 5 video tapes outlining the history and evolution of many of Hardy Brothers’ famous reels.
This year, 2011, I have been privileged and honoured to have worked with Ted and David to transfer these tapes to DVD.
The 5 videos are now contained on a 2 DVD set. We have done some minimal quality enhancement of the data and edited out unwanted introductions and adverts. None of the important reel information has been removed.

Among the numerous reels analysed are the Perfect, St George, Silex, Uniqua, St John, Altex, Elarex etc. - also included are much rarer reels such as the Tuna, Taupo, Eddystone, White-Wickham etc.

The original tapes were designated as follows –
Perfect Fly Reels 1 & 2.
Fly Fishing Reels
Casting Reels
Big Game and Sea Fishing Reels.

DVD 1 contains Perfect Fly Reels 1 and 2
DVD 2 is the other 3 tapes.

As well as detailing the time line and evolution of many collectable Hardy reels Ted discusses and shows some of the rarer examples. Where else will you be able to see ‘how to take apart a Hardy White-Wickham’? or what a cased 8 1/2" Zane Grey looks like.
A ‘must have’ resource for any Hardy Collector. 
Approx. 4 hours running time.

This 2 DVD set is available in both PAL and NTSC formats for £20.
(UK P and P - £2.00; Rest of World - £4.00; 
Please state which format is required)
"Paypal" £22.00 for UK, or £24.00, rest of the world, to the following email address

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  1. This sounds extremely interesting!

    What's the difference between PAL & NTSC ? Also how would I know which to have?

    Te Existential Angler has a nice quality ring to it's tone!
    I'll have the two DVD set, when I know what format I should have for a normal UK DVD player?


  2. Mostyn sir,
    Wiki says -
    Simplified - NTSC for Americas; PAL for the rest.....except the French!!
    Thank you

  3. I am fortunate to have a set of the VHS tapes but will still be ordering a copy of the DVDs. Without exception I feel that this series of videos is the most informative Hardy Reels reference that has ever been produced in any format. Thank You for reissuing this series on DVD!

    Mark Baker